Born in Moscow.

Net Artist, one of pioneers, animated GIF model.

Co-founder of Geocities Research Institute and keeper of One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Archive.

Writes on New Media, Digital Folklore, Vernacular Web and Human Computer Interaction. 

Professor for new media and art and design online at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart. 


olia at

hi res photos
25.12.06 (Nordheim) by D.Espenschied
15.06.14 (Berlin) by Natascha Goldenberg
09.02.16 (Eindhoven) by Boudewijn Bollmann
11.01.17 (New York) by Elliot Kaufman
05.05.18 (Stuttgart) by Lea Roewer
12.11.19 (Stuttgart) by Jule Brandhuber + GIF
03.08.23 (Stuttgart) by Sven Weber, wearing Nikol Stanojevic 

HTML portrait
08.12.20 (Paris) by Raphael Bastide

02.06.16 (Berlin) by Alfredo Salazar-Caro

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In Memory of Chuck Poynter, 2011

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Zombie and Mummy Enter The Art Market, 2003


Group Exhibition: Treasure Trove at Kunstmuseum Solothurn
Group Exhibition: Behind the Screens: 50 Years Computer Art,CODA, Apeldoorn
Keynote: Seeing 30 years of the WWW through different trajectories, Reclaim Open conference, Fredereicksburg, VA

Keynote: Digital Aesthetics, Aarhus University, DK
Talk: 10 Years of One Terabyte of Kylobyte Age, Office Hours,
Talk: Still There, Varia, Rotterdam
Talk: Network Portraits, HFG, Karlsruhe

Talk: Experience of Experiencing Experience, HEAD, Geneve
Solo: Show #36, And/Or Gallery, Pasadena
Duo Show: Pixel Matter, Curuna Ardez, Engadin
Group Exhibition: Performing Identities,
Talk: Four You. History of the WWW in four epochs, A Congress on the Visuality of the Internet, HFBK Hamburg

Talk: Welcome to my Metaverse, Kikk Festivak, Namur

Group Exhibition: A Question of Taste; Pera Museum, Istanbul
Talk: Documenting the Ruins of the Web, Photographers Gallery, London
Group Exhibition: Me Family, Mudam, Luxembourg

Collection display: Animated GIF Model, Stedelijk, Amsterdam
Talk: Some Metaverse, Eastern Block,Tiohtia:ke/Montreal
Group Exhibition: Some Universe, Eastern Block,Tiohtià:ke/Montréal

Talk: end-to-end, p2p, my to me; Transmediale, Berlin

Talk: Are memes digital folklore? Meme Culture and its Discontents, Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf
Keynote: How many nights is one internet day; Rethinking Digital Myths, University of Lugano
Solo: Best Effort Network; arebyte gallery, London
Talk: Her Majesty URL. Arebyte Gallery

Group Exhibition: Journey into a Living Being, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin
Online: Post Hoc;
Online: Quite, Calm, Staring, Upstream Gallery
Group Exhibition: The Eternal Network, Transmediale, HKW, Berlin
Group Exhibition: Topologies of the Real, CAFAM, Beijing
Solo: Something for Everyone, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne

Talk: On GIFs and JPEGs, Calarts Experimental Animation, LA

Exhibition: The Art Happens Here: Net Art's Archival Poetics, New Museum, NY
Talk: Generation Update, Re:publica
Keynote: The Web that Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections, University of Amstrdam
Talk: Not Art&Tech, 9th ELIA Academy, abk, Stuttgart
Flagship lecture: They May Call It Home, Collegium Helveticum, Zuerich

Panel: Calm Technology, Impakt Festival, Utrecht
Talk: Network Portraits, Campus Gegenwart, HMDK, Stuttgart

What if I vanish at all?
Will you reload?Restart?Reinstall?
Will you be shouting at Telecom,
Pulling cables
In/out the wall?

Exhibition: Art in the Age of the Internet 1989 to Today. ICA, Boston
Exhibition/Talk: Rosebuds -- Hidden Stories of Things. Kunstraum D21, Leipzig
Solo Exhibition: Lossless. Roehrs&Boetsch Zuerich
Exhibition: Re/Public. Polit-Forum, Bern
Salon: Permanence. The Current Museum, NY
Award: Netbased Award 2018 for Self Portrait, Basel
Solo Exhibition:  The Whole Internet,ICA Aksioma,Ljubljana
Keynote: Once again, the Doorknob: On Affordance, Forgiveness and Ambiguity in Human Computer and Human Robot Interaction, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stugart
Exhibition: Algorithmic Lifestyle, Roehrs & Boetsch, Zuerich
Exhibition:Sortir du Desenchantement du Numerique, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne
Exhibition: All Changes Saved, Casal Solleric, Palma Mallorca
Fair: Art Berlin

Theatre Play: Bear With Me, Transmediale, Berlin and The Kitchen, NY
Exhibition: Asymmetrical Response (duo w/ Cory Arcangel), The Kitchen, NY
Exhibition: Asymmetrical Response (duo w/ Cory Arcangel), Art Projects Ibiza, Ivissa
Exhibition: Hacking / Modding / Remixing as feminist protest, Miller Gallery, CMU, Pittsburg 
Special event: Seven On Seven, New Museum, NY

Seven on Seven 2017: Olia Lialina & Mike Tyka from Rhizome on Vimeo.

Exhibiton: Web 2.0,Senne, Brussels Exhibition: TIME FRAME - Celebrating 30 Years of the GIF, Gallery 151, NY Keynote: 5th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Lisboa Keynote: Access, Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft for Medienwissenschaft, Nuernberg Exhibition: Escaping the Digital Unease, Kunsthaus, Langenthal Festival: NEoN, Dundee Solo Work Exhibition: Summer (as a part of Cultural Matter series), LiMA, Amsterdam 2016 Anniversary show: MBCBFTW. Online since 1996, HEK, Basel Exhibition: Electronic Superhighway, Whitechappel Gallery, London Anniversary show: MBCBFTW. Online since 1996, MU, Eindhoven Exhibition: MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture, Vancouver Art Gallery Talk: 28.8 Kbps surfing, W139, Amsterdam Master Class: Narrating through medium, not technology, Steamer Salon, Tel Aviv Key Note: Art and Packet Switching, net based prize, HEK, Basel Talk: Preserving and Exhibiting Low Res art, Whitechappel Gallery, London Exhibition: Other Contemporary Materialities, Conversation: Print Wikipedia and DiMoDa, Import Projects, Berlin Talk: Online Offline, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich Key Note: Telling GIFs and Animated JPEGs Apart, Viral Art - GIF Conference, Bologna University Exhibition: Asymmetrical Response (duo w/ Cory Arcangel), Western Front, Vancouver; The Kitchen, NY Exhibition: Internet Retrospective, Spur, San Francisco Exhibition: Show#25, And/Or gallery, LA Talk: Art Happens Here: Net Art Anthology Launch, New Museum, NY 2015 Exhibition: L'art et le numerique Resonance 1/3, Maison Populaire, Montreuil Exhibition:.htaccess, Digital3mpire, Duesseldorf Talk: The Morning After Experience Design, Light Industry, Brooklyn Talk: The First Real Net Art Gallery, NewInc, NY Talk: in conversation with Karen Archey, FOMO simposium, ICA, London Talk: Do You Believe in users?, School of machine Macking, Berlin Talk: in conversation with Joanne McNeil, Espace Louis Vuitton, Munich Exhibition: Digital Folklore, HMKV, Dortmund Exhibition: Notgames Fest, Cologne Talk/Exhibition: Give Me Time!/This Page is No More, Impakt Festival, Utrecht Talk: Small Data, Preservation and Access to Born-digital culture, iMAL, Brussels Exhibition: DARK room, DAM gallery, Berlin Exhibition: "GIF model" at PLUMSfest, Moscow Talk: Not Art&Tech, University of Applyed Arts, Vienna Talk: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age, HEAD, Geneve 2014 Talk: GIF, JIF, GFY and other Jiffpegs: Parsons. Paris (talk) Exhibition: Blick ins Netz: NET.ARTografie, Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg Talk: Beautiful 0s and Ugly 1s, transmediale, Berlin Exhibition: Welcome to the Image Sphere, MOTI, Breda Talk: Ruins and Templates of Hyves,MOTI, Breda Panel: Playful Art, ITFS, Stuttgart Exhibition: You Might be a Dog, LEAP, Berlin Exhibition: Digital Revolution, Barbican, London Talk: My Social Media; Literatur und Strom 5, Literatur Haus, Stuttgart Exhibition: Coded After Lovelace, White Box, New York Exhibition: Megarave, Kunsthaus, Langenthal Talk: TakeThe Thing with Images, Galerie am Flutgraben Berlin Exhibition: New Horizons Festival, Rotterdam Talk: My Corner of the Internet, for the launch of, WORM, Rotterdam Talk: Public Library, WKV, Stuttgart Talk: Basel University of Art Keynote: Riich User Experience, Interface Critique, UdK, Berlin Talk: Do you believe in Users? The Influencers, Barcelona Talk: Invisible Users, Logan Symposium for Investigative Journalists and Hackers, London Talk:The Only Thing We Know About the Cyberspace Is That Its 640x480,CCC,Hamburg 2013 Panel: What was the User, transmediale, Berlin Exhibition: Offline Art:New2, xpo gallery, Paris Exhibition, Talk: One Terabyte of Kilibyte Age, Photographer's Gallery, London Exhibition: Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits, Tasmania Talk: 1993, Future Symposium,CCA, Glasgow Talk: Aging Online, BERN-Lectures on Digital Heritage, Bern Exhibition: The Internacional Biennial, Curitiba Exhibition: Save as, Kim?. Riga Panel: Renew, Media Art Histories conference,Riga Panel: VISUAL SPLITS: NEW MEDIA MATTERS Pro&Contra conference, Manezh, Moscow Exhibition: Beyond Folklore, Olia's Chappel.The wrong Bienal Panel: opacity- transparency (1:1), Import Projects, Berlin Workshop, Talk: Users and Lusers, Internet and Tacos, Hildesheim Exhibition: Casting a Wide Net, Postmasters Gallery, New York Talk:Turing Complete User, CCC, Hamburg 2012 Panel: in/compatible aesthetics; transmediale, Berlin Talk: On net art and Web art; ENSBA, Lyon Exhibition:Once Upon; Gallery Office, Moscow Panel: Artistic Responses to Social Media; Unlike Us; Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam Panel: THE GIFS THAT KEEP ON GIFING, ROFLcon III, MIT,Cambridge Solo Exhibition: The Internet. Let me show you it, Gallery b, Stuttgart Exhibition: Born in 1987.The Animated GIF, Photographers Gallery, London Talk: Digital Conservation -- Not a Technological Challenge, Remediation Simposium, Stuttgart Exhibiton: Hot, Museum of Moving Images, New York Exhibition: IRL, Western Front, Vancouver Exhibition: Artist as an Archivist in the Internet Age, 319 Scholes, New York 2011 Exhibition and Talk: Kitsch Digital, Barcelona Talk: "Forever in the 90es" Goethe Institute, Rotterdam Talk: Folklore du Web, Gaite-Lirique, Paris Talk: Digital Folklore, The New Museum, NY Workshop: "Ubiquitous Mini-Cinema", Animator Festival, Poznan Exhibition: Wild Sky, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg Exhibition: Chaos as Usual, Kunsthall, Bergen Exhibition:Collect the WWWorld, Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy Talk: Kunst im Zeitalter der neuen Medien und Vernetzung, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin Talk: History and future of artistic creation on the Internet, iMAL, Brussels 2011 2010 Exhibition: Bidoun Video, Dubai Podium: Media and Democracy, Furtwangen Exhibition: SPEED SHOW vol.1, Berlin Talk: TELE-INTERNET, ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz Festival: Shift, Basel Talk: NIMK, Amsterdam Still fun to be a GIF But when retired I want to be a JPEG Tiled In the background of your profile 2009 Exhibition: Olia Lialina, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City Exhibition: Happy World, Havana Biennial, Cuba Exhibition: Kiosk, STRP festival, Eindhoven Exhibition: The Best of Digital Art, DAM gallery, Berlin Festival: Poetry International, Rotterdam Festival: PIXXELPOINT 2009, Nova Gorica Talk: Animated GIFs, LIAA, Lucern Talk:The Drop Shadow Talks, Berlin 2008 MONTAGE: UNMONUMENTAL ONLINE, New Museum, New York RICH USER EXPERIENCE, ACAF, Alexandria ONLINE NEWSPAPERS: New York Edition, Madison Square Park, New York HOLY FIRE, IMAL, Brussels SHOW#17, And/Or Gallery, Dallas Exhibition: Digital Words, Espacio Movistar Barcelona Workshop: Of everyday life practices in infoware, Universit Paris 8, Paris Lecture: DIGITALE FOLKLORE, State Library, Stuttgart Exhibition: Indexing the Moment, CADD Art Lab, Dallas Lecture: Do you Belive in User, What was Old is New Again, ZKM, Karlsruhe Exhibition: THE WEB OF COKAYNGE, Chicago 2007 Montevideo, Amsterdam Flat Against The Wall, Transmediale, Berlin GEDOK, Stuttgart Time Shares, New Museum, New Yourk Shandyismus, Secession,Vienna ABC.etc, XL Gallery, Moscow My Own Private Reality, Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg New Network Theory conference, Amsterdam The art formely know as computer art symposium at Informatic 2007, Bremen B I T M A P: as good as new,VertexList gallery, New York FROZEN NIKI (Fragments), ABC Gallery, Moscow 2006 MEIAC, Badajoz MFRU/IFCA, Slovenija Rx Gallery, San Francisco ABC gallery, Moscow EMAF, Osnabrueck Art Fair, Moscow Sonar, Barcelona Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York IGAC,Org 2005 ABC gallery, Moscow The Decade of Webdesign, Amsterdam Art Meets Media, ICC, Tokio Premio Michetti, Francavilla Ladyfest, Berlin Futursonic Festival, Manchester Artmedia IX, Salerno Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios, Santiago Impact festival, Utrecht 2004 My Story, Amsterdam Video Zone, Tel-Aviv 2003 Modern Art Museum, Oslo Modern Art Museum, Stockholm FACT, Liverpool NY Digital Salon, NY La Casa Encendida, Madrid Conquest of Ubiquity, Murcia 2002 The Sao Paulo Biennial ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Linz FotoFest, Houston Haus der Kunst, Munich STUK, Leuven KOP, .tw Medienhaus, Hannover Alternative Museum, NY TELECITY, Dessau Dia center, NY 2001 TOTALMUSEUM, Seul SUBVERTING THE MARKET, Michigan MEDIA CONNECTION, Rome DMMK, Stuttgart Art.Dortmund, Dortmund ..., Israel, DIMA, Duesseldorf EVO1, Moscow DIGITALES, Brussels DV-WERKSTATT, Stuttgart Video Festival of Navarra, Pamplona 2000 MAID IN CYBERSPACE, Montreal SCRIPT, Seoul MOCA, Los Angeles WALKERART CENTER, Minneapolis SEX, ROCK'N'ROLL&HISTORY, Oberhausen PRO&CONTRA, Moscow NIPPER, Nuevo Leon ARGONAUTEN, Munich EVENT CITY, Dessau LA BIENNALE DE MONTREAL, Montreal STUDIOXX, Montreal ELECTROHYPE, Malmo VIPER, Basel METABOLICS, Munich WRO@KULTURA, Wroclaw MediaZlounge, New York 1999 FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM, Rotterdam NEXT FIVE MINUTES, Amsterdam EMMA FORUM, Stuttgart NET_CONDITIONS, Karlsruhe ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Linz ZAC'99, Paris KUNSTVEREIN, Frankfurt MEDIENFORUM, Munich MEDIATTERA, Athens CIBERART99, Madrid AKADEMIE DER BILDENDEN KUENSTE, Stuttgart 1998 THE BEST OF 2 WORLDS, Madrid BEYOND INTERFACES, Toronto IFCA, Maribor MUUMEDIAFESTIVAL, Helsinki NET ART WORLD, Berlin ART AND ARCITECTURE IN EXTENDED FIELDS, Trondheim MEDIENFORUM, Munich AUDIOVISIONEN, Salzburg 1997 ART+COMMUNICATION, Riga BACKSPACE LECTURE SERIES, London INTERNET GALAXIES, Budapest EMAF, Osnabrueck BEAUTY AND THE EAST, Ljubljana SEAF, Scopje INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Moscow ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Linz STEIRISCHER HERBST, Graz 1996 V2_EAST MEATING, Rotterdam METAFORUM III, Budapest 1994 NEW MEDIA LOGIA CONFERENCE, Moscow workshops/seminars outside of Merz Akademie: Workshop: A Day in One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age, Various institutions, 2019 Workshop: User Illusion and User Experience, Parsons, Paris, 2014-- 2017 Workshop: Vernacular web, Dutch design Summer School, Rotterdam, 2016 Workshop: Trailblasers and power of URL, HEAD, Geneve, 2015 Seminar: Web Archeology,HKB, Bern, 2013 Seminar: Copy, Version, Remix, HDK, Zurich, 2011 Colloquium: Networked Media, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, 2010 Lecture: Mexico City Univercity, 2009 Lecture: NCCA, Moscow, 2007 Workshop: Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, Sevilla, 2004 Lecture: Royal Art Academy, Stockholm, 2003 Workshop: KHM,Cologne,2001 Workshop: Art.Lebedev Center, Moscow, 2001 Workshop: CALARTS, Los Angeles, 2000 Workshop:LABINARY, Labin, 2000 KUNST ACADEMIET, Trondheim, 1998 Workshop: KADEMIE DER BILDENDEN KUENSTE, Munich, 1998,1999,2000 Workshop: MUU, Helsinky, 1997 Workshop:JOINT ART STUDIOS, Moscow, 1995 Workshop:NEW MEDIA LAB, Moscow, 1994 jury: Female Artist Award 2021 Digital Art, Duesseldorf, Jury Chair 2022 Prix Ars Electronica Media.Art.Research, Linz 2007 FilmWinter, Stuttgart, 2007 Rhizome Commissions, 2006, 2005 1000$ PAGE CONTEST,2004, 2005 FILMWINTER, Stuttgart, 2003 ARANEUM, Madrid, 2004 BAUHAUS AWARD, Dessau, 2002 BROWSERDAY, Berlin, 2001 VIPER, Basel, 2000 POTOP, Russian Professional Web Award, 2000 Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen, 2000 Trash-Art, Moscow, 1999 Course Development Competition, Budapest, 1999 The Cute Private Homepage 1999, Graz,1999 Medienforum Munchen : Kunstpreis, Munich, 1999,, 1998 Ostranenie, Dessau, 1997 Exotica video art festival, St.Peterburg, 1995 Exotica video art festival, Sochy, 1993 curating: Disarmin Chekhov's Gun, Lecture Series, 2022 Nie Nur Neu, Lecture Series on New Media and Netstagia,2019 How Deep is Your Dream, Lecture Series on AI and NN,2016 Digital Folklore, HWKV, Dortmund, 2015 Lecture series Do You Believe in Users, Stuttgart, 2012 lectures, Stuttgart, 2012 - ongoing SPEEDSHOW Fun is Back, Stuttgart, 2011 TRAILBLAZERS surfing competition, Stuttgart, Linz, Barcelona... 2010 - ongoing 1000$ PAGE CONTEST, 2004, 2005 MERRY CHRISTMAS, 2003 FIRST TEN YEARS, 2003 EMMA FORUM, Stuttgart, 2002 BROWSER AFTERNOON, Stuttgart,2002 MAKE WORLD, Munich, 2001 ACTIVE LINK, Stuttgart, 2000 MASHA DRAWS home exhibition, Munich, Moscow, Stuttgart, Oslo, 2000-2004 Miniatures of Heroic Period, 1998 CINE FANTON festival, Moscow, 1998 CINE FANTOM festival, Moscow, 1997 PARALLEL FILM exhibition, Selb, 1995