Olia Lialina, 2014-2017

Peeman.gif (also known as peeguy.gif, peepee.gif or piss.gif) is not the most famous, but certainly one of the most remarkable specimen of early net culture. Peeman can only fulfil his purpose when combined with a second image which he can pee upon -- a fate suffered by Britney Spears, Microsoft, Netscape, Apple as well as by various sport teams, Stalin, Hitler and Hanson.

June -- December 2016 on the wall of ArtProjects Ibiza:

as a part of Asmetrical Responce

October 2014: on the wall of Merz Akademie

Research and first tests together with students of Traditions and Revolutons in Web design Group.

November 2014: on the wall of WKV

as a part of Public Library

July -- October, 2015: on the wall of HMKV

as a part of Digital Folklore


Peed on report: peed-on-report-01.pdf; peed-on-report-02.pdf; peed-on-report-03.pdf; peed-on-report-04.pdf

Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War, 2014