So. Entry form is disabled. Jury members will meet for discussion soon. Look at the latest entries in the meantime.
  • http://artclips.free.fr/index.htm Merrill writes: "there are a lot of promotional pages I have made for independent musicians, but I am not the musician, so I am not sure if this qualifies under the "musician's self promotion" category. Anyway, I enjoyed your site and I hope you enjoy mine."
    Absolutely! We liked every section and every button on every page!
  • http://www.dooce.com/ A blog of a famous Stay at Home Mom. She was dooced in 2001. On her website you can find the posts that costed her the job.
Musicians of the web
  • http://www.twink.net/ The caries-inducing page of the toy piano band Twink. The toy piano is indeed a strong instrument in all the tunes and the Kellogg's/Little Pony design is very well done.
  • http://www.ski-pp.com/ The very french looking page of the record label "skipp" that has DAT Politics and Felix Kubin on the rooster. Digestive sounds everywhere.
  • http://divag.parishq.net/ Divag is one of the kids running the micromusic HQ in Paris. His site with live recordings, video game graphics and computer graffitti can make scensters jealous.
  • http://www.paperrad.org/ Paperrad is an artist collective that specialized in neon colors and what looks like the complete absence of any professional web development software in their homes.
  • http://www.davidsugar.com/ David sugar is a handsome and talented Gameboy music bloke who knows what colors are needed to burn a web site into the viewers' retina.
  • http://www.beatismurder.com This netlabel is in fact releasing only music from one person, but under different names! Wangle! But you can easily forget that with all the windows and sketches flying around.
  • http://www.ghetto-blaster.com/ This is a mysterious and difficult music site. Maybe if you "drag onto itunes" something will clear up, but this is above our possibilies. Still this surprise music is very pleasant.
  • http://www.bradlaner.com/ Brad Laner is an electronic musician who is doing this already for a very long time. His discography goes back to the 1980's but there is nothing to download and listen to. Because back then there was no MP3 invented yet.
till the last day of September, ol

  • http://www.travelin-tigers.com/ Jury member Lectrogirl writes: "From viewing this site not only do we get to know about this family in detail, but there are insites into american history, great photos tours, european tours. My particular favourite thing about this site is checking out all the pictures of the son in the tourist shots as he grows up."
  • http://www.corndolly.us/ I should say that this site uses my favorite way of navigation "Next Page". And every next page has its own music.
  • http://www.blues-browser.de This homepage is a deep treasure chest for people that are interested in for example OS/2, HiFi turntables, instructions what to wear and useless computer hints. There are also some self-made Blues-Rock recordings to be found in this linked-up mania, but we won't tell you where. As personal as you can get.
And now musicians of summer 2005
  • http://gieskes.nl/ Totally IMG-Alphabetized site of Gieskes from the Netherlands, a Gameboy virtuoso and circuit bender. Upgrade your RAM before following the link!
  • http://www.bram.org/sound/ Web music (with dozens of Quicktime plugin-ins on one page) and experimental electronics. Our favorite is "nice girl".
  • http://www.kittenrock.co.uk Dr.Dru and Jellica, who artfully appear as animated GIFs on their page all through, are micro-musicians that think it's still better the Crazy Frog ringtone is topping the UK charts instead of Coldplay. Their compilation of crazy frog remixes is totally annoying and cool.
  • http://www.thorrific.com/ Thorrific creates web-based, Flash-based, video artwork that is interactive and animated. Most of the works are of a satirical, socio-political nature, dealing with war and the pathologies of modern American culture and the dangerous religious archetypes that lurk beneath it.
  • http://www.hardgraph.com/ Fernando Fors delivers many minutes of nice indietronics and ambient, together with mysterious renderings of strange sceneries. A pity that all the tracks are just short demos loops.
  • http://nowikonik.com/ "nowikonik.com is a virtual exhibition that takes viewers to a place where ideas and statements are rich and artistic freedom is unconstrained by dimension." ... If you want to know more about "the now" an "celestial ikons" this is the web site for you. There is even an ikonic version of Tetris to be found.
  • http://www.goto80.com/ Goto80 is the undisputed C64 music champion from Sweden. Listen to the basslines if you do not believe.
Some people say that web is dead. why? ol

It would be a big lie to say that we get a lot of submissions this year. We hardly get any. But still we choose only the pages where we can get to know a person at least a little bit. Recently we got to know that Musicians come next week, ol

Please visit the sites of cultural critic and essayist; italian artist optimized for 1024x768; pioneer-style raised web developer with degree and distinction in Fine Arts Here come musicians
  • www.pitchwitch.tk
    Pitchwitch is from the beautiful little town Hermiswil in Switzerland (look for the photos). They have a lot of sweet bleepy MP3 files and links to their friends.
  • teamtendo.com
    Cute Groundhog and ATM Cougar are Teamtendo, the only real Hardcore Gameboy Camera Duo from France. They seem live underground in the forest. You can even draw on their page, but somebody always cleans as it seems.
  • www.belindabedekovic.com
    Belinda Bedekovic is a 29 year old Yahama KX5 virtuoso from Zagreb with an impressive video clip for her tune "Tornado".
  • www.twilightelectric.com
    Twilight Electric, formerly known as Commie 64, makes heartful minimal electro tunes. He releases mostly with the 8bitpeoples and also can draw cool tiny GIF animations.
Couples are not appearing this year.

But we are optimistic, ol

Last days we got several portfolios in Flash. A portfolio in HTML. And a lot of stuff we can't list here because it does not even fit to our formal criterias. Galeries, art projects, product sites are not our business. We only accept non-personal sites if they deal with the personal web.
And we gladly feature here several works by young German designer Mark Wirblich, who makes web pages as a gift and tribute for special persons in his life. To know more about this people look in the code. Metadescriptions describe the person, and Keywords are associations. Don't miss super-internet-pop-star Hans Bernhard's daily psychotropic Drugs & Food. till next week, ol

Time to observe the pages of musicians believing in the power of the web.

Is this really a musician's page or a collection of deliberately embarassing art? We could not find any links to concert dates at least. This page uses the service of songramp.com to create the web page of FX10243 who has put some jolly electro tunes there. Hosting is a problem for musicians because files and transfer rates tend to go very high. Still we believe that contestants should take the responsibility to make their own web space for the sake of being able to have more control about their appearance online. A very experimental sound group from Italy. There is also a Flash file with flying cakes. Oh no! A very interesting page promoting -- as it seems -- bootleg versions of Micheal Jackson's "Billie Jean". The design is great but all the music is not available anymore. As music on the web is getting more and more, many people searching for something new are overwhelmed. Here is an interesting service for musicians and searchers to use the phone instead of the internet. We didn't call there yet because it is in the USA. But also it is not a personal page. Here we find some futurist lofi hardcore made by two aspiring Nintendo musicians. Homemade video included! From Poland arrived three pages of connected projects: Kunstbande and Gameboy Orchestra share some members, and Jura with the rhythm machines has a solo project! Is this girl as nice as the URL might suggest? The photo is great for sure. As there is only one song available we have some doubts that this person made the decision to be a musician already. Nowadays people seem to love the meta level, so this is the blog of Marisa training for the audition of American Idol. Dan aka MCLD has a lot to show on this truly selfmade page: his own programs (like a knot simulator), information on HIV, an internet radio station and music made with broken equipment. Desertplanet are a very entertaining electronic band from Finland. While waiting for the summer to come back many Finnish people produce nice things at home, to go on tour with it later. Thank you for your attention, ol

Dear friends of WWW, 2005 contest just started, but we've already got to know that Shannon doesn't remember anything before 1974, Stefan will be moving to Boston this summer, Prayas managed The Corner Book Store in Ahmedabad for two months, Nicolas stopped "traditional" painting to use internet as a canvas. ASCII Woman and Artist with experience in code applied last week. Achtung! Dragging menus and scary music. A model and her photographer Juliet, Jeanie and Ruben make effort to present their researches in a special way Other portfolios As it seems it was good idea to annonce a "couple" section. We already got several couple submissions. They all are artists. There were several messages marked as couple, but these were art groups and even galeries. That is not exactly what we ment. Dear musicians, we were happy to get your submissions, but we will review them next time.

Make your home page and fill the form on the right, ol

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as well consider as:

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Art.Teleportacia was calling again for personal web site submissions. Please put a link to the page in the form on the right. You can submit your own page or a page you like. Your own comments are welcome but not required. Submissions will be accepted till the end of August 2005.

The winner will be announced 30th September 2005. The site, time and the form of the award ceremony are open and will depend on the location of the winner and the political situation this summer.

Notice that this year plus to the main prize we announce a special 79,50 English Pounds prize for a great Musician Self-Promotion Page. Sponsored by Lektrolab.

And banknotes and coins collection for the Best Site of a Couple, made possible by the E8Z.org team. It consists of 10 cents, coin, Bahamas, 1973; 500 yen, coin, Japan; 2 dollars, coin, Hong Kong, 1993; 1 guilder, coin, Netherlands, 1978 1 króna, coin, Iceland, 1992; 25 cents, coin (commemorative), USA, 1999; 10 francs, coin, France, 1990; 20 francs, coin, Belgium, 1981 5 francs, coin, Luxembourg, 1987; 2 dollars, banknote, USA, 1976; 50 Piastres, banknote, Egypt; 3, 100 franc banknotes, Belgium; 50,000,000 Marks, Reichsbanknote, Germany 1923.

During the submission period all the submitted links appear on the website. The most interesting links were reviewed monthlyy by jury members.

1000$ prize is made possible by Art.teleportacia's savings and cash contributions from the jury members

(1) Emma Davidson contributes 10 Australian dollars, 10 Euros, 20 American dollars on 27th of November 2004 in London.
(2) Locky contributes 10 euros on January 24th in Stuttgart.
(3) Vika gives 100 Roubles on 26th of March 2005 in Moscow.

Mouchette contributed 5 American dollars on January 21st in Amsterdam, but refused any photo documentation.

Lektrogirl / Emma Davidson (.com)
Tasmanian new media puppet, DJ, musician, promoter and internet celebrity. Wife and business woman. Made a fast career from last year contest participant and winner of 300$ to jury member.

Olia Lialina (.org/ .ru /.de)
She is an animated GIF model, professor and wife of a rock star. Art.teleportacia owner. In the last century her will-n-testament personal home page was nominated for a Webby award.

Kerstin von Locquenghien (.de)
Her split personality can be viewed at bewegungsfrei.de. She's also the author of NACHreisen.de - an experimental travelogue site.

Mouchette (.fr/.nl/.net/.org)
A virtual character since the origins of the net, with a tendency to share her personality.

Vika (.ru/.fm)
She does not have her own home page, but since 1999 she observes the web on radio and paper.

We look forward to finding some very special personal web sites and some very ordinary ones. It could be a page made in 1993 or 2005. Text only or flash. Registered domain or subdirectory on a free web hosting service. We would like to see and show what's going on, what's cool, what's common, what's forgotten and recovered. The idea is to reward the greatest and exhibit the most interesting works and to attract attention to the private, non-professional web.

We can read Russian, English, German, Dutch, French. We may ask for your comments in one of these languages if your page is made in any other language.

If you are a celebrity (like a rock, pop or movie star, an NHL player, a CNN moderator) or just a rich and prominent person - you can still participate in the contest but only if you've made your home site yourself.

Please make a link to this contest and announce it on mailing lists, interested web logs, online and offline mass media.

If you participated last year but have not won anything you are welcome to try again.
Last year! Participants, winners, jury. Everything on one page.

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